Remember, It’s “Indie” Coffee Shop Day, Not “Indy” Coffee

The one problem living in Indianapolis — Indy, to all the cool kids — is that it rhymes with “indie.”

This makes it hard when you’re trying to promote “Indie Coffee Shop Day” to all your friends, because everyone thinks it only applies to coffee shops in Indianapolis.

Venetia's Coffee Shop, 55 Chatsworth Road. Lower Clapton, E5, London, England

Venetia’s Coffee Shop, 55 Chatsworth Road. Lower Clapton, E5, London, England

It doesn’t. It’s about independent coffee shops all over the world. (And I’m confident in saying “all over the world,” because we have a new supporter, @TheMamaRuns in Alberta, Canada, which makes this an international day of observance!

Several years ago, I created a map and website called The problem is, I can never remember which Indy/Indie goes first, so I always have to look it up.

And I started worrying that people would think it only applied to Indianapolis coffee shops. (I used to run into the same problem when I was a music reviewer for — they thought I was only writing about bands in Central Indiana.

So, the official word is that this day is not about coffee shops in Indianapolis, Indiana. It’s about local, independent coffee shops in any part of the world.

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2 thoughts on “Remember, It’s “Indie” Coffee Shop Day, Not “Indy” Coffee

  1. Oh no! I just found out about this today! And if I go have a latte this late, I’ll be up until tomorrow. Can this be a multi-day thing, like coffee Mardi Gras? I propose that we celebrate again tomorrow. I already drank (not good) coffee from McDonalds.

    • Erik Deckers says:

      Actually, I observed it the entire weekend. Every day is Indie Coffee Shop Day as far as I’m concerned (unless I’m in the middle of nowhere, and my only choice is Starbucks). So, I hope you had a chance to observe it again today.

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