New Indie Coffee Shop Day Logo

We have a new logo for Indie Coffee Shop Day, thanks to the Marketing Mercenary, Jerry “J.R.” Renkenberger.

Indie Coffee Shop Day logo

Big thanks to Jerry Renkenberger, the Marketing Mercenary in Kokomo, IN, for the great logo.

Jerry just emailed me on Saturday and said “Hey, I’ve got an idea for your logo,” and sent me a quick mockup. One quick color change later, and we were all set.

Jerry is a fellow marketer, based up in Kokomo, Indiana, and I’ve known him for several years. And now this is our first time working together. Thanks, Jerry!

Remember, Indie Coffee Shop Day is Friday, April 18, the day before Record Store Day. It’s the day people should forgo Big Corporate Coffee and support their local independent coffee shops. (Also, if you want to visit another indie coffee shop after you’ve hit your local record stores the next day, feel free.)

One thought on “New Indie Coffee Shop Day Logo

  1. It looks delicious, and thank you very much for the shout-out, Erik! Finally, a made-up holiday worth celebrating! Erik, you are hereby in charge of determining the worthiness of any future holidays. Got that, Hallmark?

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